Cybersecurity and the IoT threat landscape – IoT meets IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) meets Internet of Threats (IoT), a true storyline with interesting insights around the latest threat environment and potential cyber risks. The IoT space started gaining traction since 2018 and today there has been tremendous amount of advancement with smart homes, smart cars, and smart devices.  I think everything around us has become smart, and the challenge for us to become smarter to stay safe and secure.

Some of the interesting trends that we can look forward this year is the application of IoT in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, with the pandemic still around, the retail industry has also come up with interesting research for efficient and safer customer experience. Technology has immensely aided in the healthcare industry towards telemedicine and virtual therapy for a lot of individuals especially the elderly during these hard times. These modern technological applications will continue to change the way the healthcare industry has operated. In addition, having a facility of remote checkups for doctors has also greatly reduced the possibilities of viral contamination. [Reference]

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Forbes has quoted “As an incredible showing of how the continuous pandemic has quickened the selection of tech-driven medical care change, unique evaluations for the quantity of “virtual visits” or online meetings with medical services suppliers in the US was 36 million. In actuality, that number is presently on course to be more like one billion, and this pattern will without a doubt proceed upwards during 2021 since infrastructure and patient attention will definitely be one of the focal points.

Adjusting to the difficulties presented by Covid-19, this innovation can be employed to determine whether there is a fast deterioration in the wellbeing of individuals who might be protecting or isolating at home, as the sickness can frequently place individuals in a state where they can’t look for help without anyone else, very quickly.

With these advancements like wearable devices, implantable technology and telemedicine comes a responsibility to ensure the data and the information transmitted to and fro is safe and secure and is protected against potential attacks. Security intelligence has presented some of the IoT threats for 2021, namely Built-in-IoT threats, Application of AI in IoT, Specialized cybercrimes in IoT and Deepfakes for IoT threats.

Most of the devices and technology involved in the manufacturing process lack the design for the power source to support encryption, and end up compromising with a cheaper product. The idea is to make the product more consumer friendly and economical but most of the companies are not focusing a lot on the security front. The important question is “as we bump into more cyberattacks on IoT networks, can we update aging firmware to give it the defenses it needs?

The measure of IoT implements online is expanding step by step. These data protection issues with IoT should concern both individual and business clients. Limiting IoT related security weaknesses should be a joint action on the off chance that we want to see the results. With the present status of the IoT business and end-clients’ mindfulness, it’s safe to assume that we will see a couple of more IoT-fueled large scope cyberattacks.

NIST’s Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT) program supports the development and application of standards, guidelines, and related tools to improve the cybersecurity of connected devices and the environments in which they are deployed. On the tainted chance that we need to change the course of history, we should be more aware to the manner in which both the consumers and organizations treat potential vulnerabilities and work towards mitigation. Generally speaking, network security won’t ever be completely achievable. It is a continuous cycle that we all need to contribute.

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