Future trends of blockchain technology in cybersecurity – An impression around BaaS

There’s no doubt or hesitancy that blockchain technology has streamlined the payment industry in the digital world. Blockchain technology is a distributed and decentralized ledger framework that can record exchanges between different computers. Blockchain began as the innovation behind bitcoin yet has prevalently developed into a promising innovation in the cybersecurity space. Eminently, human errors stays to be the main source of data breach. Blockchain completely automates information storage subsequently lessening the human component in these data storage systems.

No digital defense or information system can be viewed as 100% secure. What is considered safe today won’t be tomorrow given the lucrative idea of new cybercrimes and the attacker’s inventiveness to look for new techniques for an attack. Blockchain is acquiring traction today, however specialists who question the adaptability, security, and manageability of the innovation do remain. Albeit some of the blockchains fundamental capacities give Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, same as other different frameworks, network safety controls and norms that should be embraced for organizations utilizing blockchains to defend themselves from external cyber threats.

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Although not tough, blockchain has advanced to get perhaps the most foolproof types of transactions in the digital network domain. As planned and proposed, the innovation has been credited for its data uprightness and information integrity assertion. In the event that very much used, numerous sectors can profit by it. Some of the use cases that blockchain technology has a potential in the cybersecurity space are Securing Private Messaging, IoT security, Securing DNS and DDoS to name a few. More social applications are being released with each dawn as conversational trade acquires prevalence. Immense amounts of metadata are gathered during these communications. [Reference]

Most web-based media stage clients secure the administrations and their information with feeble, untrustworthy passwords. Most informing organizations are warming up to blockchain for making sure about client information as a better alternative than the start to finish encryption which they as of now use. With the current obsession for Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has become easier for hackers to access overall systems like home automation through edge devices like ‘smart’ switches. In this case, blockchain can be used to secure such overall systems or devices by decentralising their administration. The approach will give the capabilities of the device to make security decisions on their own. Blockchain can be used to diminish such kinds of attacks by decentralising the DNS entries. [Reference]

Another service which has taken precedence in the recent times is Baas or Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is the third-party creation and management of cloud-based networks for companies in the business of building blockchain applications. The application of blockchain technology has moved well beyond its best-known use in cryptocurrency transactions and has broadened to address secure transactions of all kinds.

Long time being absent, governments around the globe are certain to execute a mass of fintech guidelines throughout over the next few years. The developing digitization of the economy set off by the COVID-pandemic is an issue that is currently observed by regulators around the world. Digital banking, digital money, and blockchain will probably be the best subjects of concern. As an expanding number of account exchanges happen outside of traditional organizations and mechanisms, issues like DEFI can’t be disregarded any longer by regulators. BaaS may be the catalyst that leads to a wider and deeper penetration of blockchain technology across various industry sectors and businesses. Instead of creating and running their own blockchains, a business, large or small, can now simply outsource the technically complex work and focus on its core activities.

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