EdTech and the learning curve of cybersecurity – A new insightful association

Education technology or EdTech as what it is prominently known today in the digital era has undoubtedly gained popularity amongst individuals. It has become more common and a significant medium to share and present knowledge and aids individuals by providing information at their disposal. Forbes has defined EdTech as the practice of introducing IT tools into the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning experience. Various platforms are available today which have been tailor made for industry professionals from freshers to masters. This post highlights the learning curve of cybersecurity through e-learning platforms and some insights around this new association with its distinct features.

Today, the embracing of EdTech is exponentially increasing because of the distance-learning mandates of the pandemic. Furthermore, the ascent in reception has a silver covering since more individuals can predict the estimation of EdTech—in all honesty, since they need to. For certain disciplines, EdTech was maybe seen as to a greater extent, a hassle, before the pandemic than a redeeming quality, however cybersecurity educators are exploiting the predominance and assortment of these tools and platforms to upgrade the instructing and learning experience—even in distant classrooms. All things considered, the utilization of EdTech is blooming in cybersecurity to a great extent because of the interminable competition to fill the broadening ability, and cybersecurity governance needs to give close consideration to the acceptance rate in the academic sector which is ought to happen in the cyber- side of business.

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How we ensure our information is secure is of higher priority than ever since the recent past. Attacks on high-esteem entities, including huge organizations and central government offices, consistently stand out as truly newsworthy. Schools are progressively focused also. Simply a month ago, the FBI, CISA and MS-ISAC gave a joint precautionary warning about possible attacks on educational foundations. Cyber crime harms will cost the world an expected $10.5 trillion yearly by 2025, and spending on network protection is required to surpass $170 billion by 2022. Past purchasing innovation to defending threats, be that as it may, we additionally need individuals who can really convey those instruments viably. The shortcoming is that we need more cybersecurity professionals. Across the world, there is an expected lack of 3.1 million online cybersecurity professionals. [Reference]

What the business needs is an ability stage that can follow employees’ abilities, distinguish competitors who could change well into cybersecurity jobs, map which extra abilities they need, and provide the required attention on preparing to get them to the destination. Exploring professional paths in cybersecurity can likewise be precarious, with numerous students confounded by the huge number of certifying bodies and certificate choices to look over. However, there is guarantee from activities like CyberSeek and My Cyber Path, which have started to diagram profession pathways so they are less overwhelming for competitors looking to enter the digital labor force.

Online protection will just turn out to be progressively basic in the coming years as our advanced economy progresses. The pandemic has sped up this need, raising our openness to digital threats as we utilize new computerized technologies to help remote work and learning. To stay up with always arising digital threat landscape, we should put resources into solutions that can help conquer the hindrances to this industry, to sustain and become our ability, talent and guarantee the future security of our schools, endeavors and governments.

For more information around cybersecurity and its trending topics, do check out the Antwak Platform which is an EdTech platform and also caters to other disciplines as well with real insights from industry experts. Check this website here.

Article by Kaushik Sundararajan

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of certain ideas from a different perspective.

Published by The Art of Cyber-Space

I am a security professional specializing in network security. With vivid experience in different industries, I am looking to explore the current cyberspace and discuss the ideology of certain ideas from a different perspective.

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