With the increase in digital crimes, security can no longer be considered as just an optional component but rather more than important. Security information and event management or SIEM has gained popularity in the security industry as it has completely streamlined the important processes.

At its center, SIEM is an information aggregator, search, and revealing framework. SIEM gathers huge measures of information from your network environment, combines and makes that information accessible. With the information arranged and spread out readily available, you can examine information security penetrates with as much detail as required.

SIEM provides two main capabilities to an Incident Response team:
• Reporting and forensics about security incidents
• Alerts based on analytics that match a certain rule set, indicating a security issue

SIEM solutions give a comprehensive perspective on what’s going on an organization continuously and help IT groups to be more proactive in the fight against security dangers. It connected security event management (SEM) – which looks at log and occasion information progressively to give threats monitoring, event correlation, and incident response – with security information management (SIM) which accumulates, breaks down and covers log information.

“We discovered in our research that insider threats are not viewed as seriously as external threats, like a cyberattack. But when companies had an insider threat, in general, they were much more costly than external incidents. This was largely because the insider that is smart has the skills to hide the crime, for months, for years, sometimes forever.” 

Dr. Larry Ponemon
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